A Little Trivia...

Did you know...that the Celtics consider the number 9 to be magical?
Not only is the number 9 a multiple of three
(3 is the number that you will find through out their folklore...you know the Celtic knot is three sided, the shamrock is three sided)
but also, the number 9 always comes back to it's self.


9 x 5 is 45, add the 4 and 5 together, it equals 9.
9 x 2 is 18, add the 1 and 8 together it equals 9.
9 x 3 is 27, add the 2 and 7 again you get 9.

Did you know that the Celtic Calendar has 13 months and an extra day in it?

Did you know...that the Celtics have their own Astrology Signs and Symbols?

Click below to view the different signs...


The Claddagh is a visual portrayal of the eternal bond of friendship, loyalty, and love.

The HEART symbolizes love, life's finest impulse.  From it, generosity and compassion flow.

The HANDS of friendship are clasped around the heart in a gesture of giving.

As they cradle the heart gently, the hands are both protective and strong, like true friendship.

The CROWN is symbolic of loyalty.

It represents the reward of love, the highest achievement the human spirit has yet accomplished.

To give the Claddagh is to forge the hands of love, friendship, and loyalty forever.


July 2008 by Denise Wedgwood