April 15th - May 12th

Sign ~~ Saille (Gaelic) The Willow Tree

Saille (SAHL-yuh), willow - Like North America, Europe is home to a large number of willow species (Tutin et al. list 63 different native European willows, from low shrubs to tall trees). Two common tree willows are the white willow (Salix alba L.) and the crack willow (Salix fragilis L.). The white willow is named for the whitish undersides of its leaves, and the crack willow for the propensity of its branches to "crack" off (probably another adaptation to flooding). Both species grow along with poplars and alders along lowland rivers. They can reach 80 feet in height, and they both vigorously sprout from stumps. Other willow species are shrubs, including osiers (Salix purpurea L. and Salix viminalis L.) that grow along streams and eared willows (S. aurita L.) of acidic, boggy soils. The white willow and purple osier are sometimes grown in cultivation in North America. Willows are members of the Willow family (Salicaceae).

Symbol ~~ The Sea Serpent

Character of the Willow Tree:   Willow Tree characters are difficult people to get to know in any depth or detail, for people born under this sign touch upon all the mysterious aspects of nature associated with the Moon.  Their psychic antennae are switched on, so that they have recall to the remotest regions of memory.  The positive aspects of character generally are show in their passive tenacity and shrewdness.  People born during the first two weeks of the lunar month are more inclined to sudden mood changes, which encourage some unreliable character traits.  The positive aspects are shown by their receptiveness to change in being quick to take advantage of opportunities presented.  People born in the last two weeks are inclined to disregard advice and their own reasoning powers can lack credibility.  The positive aspects are demonstrated by their resourcefulness and excellent memories.