Quinnie Quinnie GumDrop

Alainn Gorm Cailin Og
Meaning ~~ Beautiful Blue Maiden

Quinnie came into our lives on September 26, 2015. She was born July 6, 2015, she is a "Blue" Great Dane. She has the sweetest disposition and definitely has a sense of humor. I love her to the moon and back. She just makes me laugh.

Look at those feet!
We expect her to be about 140 pounds!

Quinnie's new bed.

3 months old!

4 months old!

Quinnie 5 months with Daisy 1 year.

This is what happens when you're asleep and you slide off the couch!

Puppy School Graduation!

How sweet it this face?

Quinnie's brother Rufio had a really cute picture of him laying on his back with a
cute smile...Quinnie looks like Psycho Dog!

6 months old, pouting
because she has to wait for dinner.

We got Quinnie her own room...

Sharing with Buffett.

She thinks she's a cat! Oh my!

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