Special People In My Life

Special People In My Life

My Friend

I wrote this originally for my friend Stephen on his 40th birthday.
But applies to all the special people in my life.

You have listened in silence

Never judging.

You have made me laugh

Even when on the brink of tears.

You have let me be me

Even if I seemed a little weird.

You have applauded my accomplishments

And always made me feel as though I could do anything.

You have made me feel loved

Even on days when I did not feel deserving.

You are very special

And I feel very privileged to know you.

I wish you nothing but happiness

Thank you my Friend for being you.

I love you

Lucinda ~ I am so glad that we met. You are a true friend, a sister and someone that I would trust with my life. You are the friend that everyone deserves.You have the biggest heart and have become a very important part of my life. I love you. My friend lost her battle with cancer June 29, 2011. RIP my friend.
MK ~ I'm glad we're sisters! I love you!
Kat - I love you Kitty Kat!
Last but certainly not least...
Todd ~ my wonderful son. You have been through so much in the last twelve years. Yet somehow you and I have managed to grow closer and closer. We have learned to laugh at the mishaps. Dismiss the people that would take us for granted and use us, and learn from the ones that love us. I hope from all of our experiences that you have learned...honesty is very important. Honesty builds trust and with that you can then find love.  I am so very proud of you. I love you more than words can or will ever express. You are unconditional love.

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